12012 is a Japanese rock band. Formed in 2003 in Osaka Prefecture, the group centers its work around the concept of "madness inside a human". 12012 is also the penal code for the possession of a dangerous weapon in California. The group sometimes performs as "kyōki shoji", which is a translation of that offense. They are a visual kei band, and consider their appearance as part of they way they express their music.

In 2007, the band performed the ending theme, Cyclone, to the Gonzo anime TV series, Romeo x Juliet, its single being released by Universal Music Japan on June 13, 2007. The group has also toured Japan on many occasions as well as performing at concerts in numerous international locations.

In September 2007, vocalist Miyawaki Wataru was arrested for assault on a woman. After a night of heavy drinking, it was reported he had tried to strangle a female acquaintance. It was resolved out of court, and the charges were later dropped. On October 17, 2007, Wataru posted an apology in his blog.

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