3rd Strike

3rd Strike is a Rapcore group, started by Jim Korthe (lead singer), Todd Deguchi (guitar), Erik Carlsson (guitar), PJ McMullan (drums) and Gabe Hammersmith (bass). Their lyrics were primarily based upon the former lives of the group's members, primarily Korthe's gang and drug peddling roots. In May, 2002, they released their debut and only album, Lost Angel. They toured with Ozzfest and Warped Tour to promote their album, but broke up shortly after. Their song "Into Hell Again" was featured on the Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life soundtrack.

Jim Korthe, lead singer for rap-rockers 3rd Strike, grew up in a bad neighborhood in Southern California. At a young age he joined a gang to avoid his unhealthy home life, but after growing up with violence and drug peddling, he left the gang to focus on music with his friend, guitarist Todd Deguchi. The two put together a makeshift lineup for 3rd Strike, but between several unsuccessful tours and Korthe's personal problems the band disbanded during the '90s. The two musicians continued to write together, and eventually re-formed the band with drummer PJ McMullan and bassist Gabe Hammersmith. They began recording when Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge heard their demo and connected them with his management company. By the end of 2001 they had recorded their debut, Lost Angel, which was released the following May. They supported the album at both the Ozzfest and Warped tours that summer.

In January of 2007, 3rd Strike posted up a message on their myspace page stating, "Hey everyone just wanted to post an update on whats going on. We've been pretty busy tigthtening up our set so we can start getting out and playing some shows. Were all really excited about getting out and playing live cause that is where all the hard work pays off. Hopefully we'll have some new pics to post up soon and some more info asap. Thanks"

3rd Strike are currently in the studio working on new material. With a new lineup and attitude they plan on going in to the recording studio later this month to start tracking for a new demo. 3rd Strike would like to thank all the fans for the support given over the years and look foward to getting back on the road. To stay updated check back for new material later this month……….

The band posted a new demo on their myspace entitled, "Battlecry" in August of 2007.

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