The 5cero6 are an Costa Rican group pop group, which formed in San José. The 5cero6 signed to Universal Records and released their debut single, "Le Pido a Dios", in 2002. The song went on to spend seven weeks at the top of the Costa Rican singles chart and helped establish the group as an "international phenomenon"

5cero6 members María José Chacón normally known as Marie, Angie Valverde, Javier Solís also know as Xavi and Alberto Castro.

They released three studio albums and went their separate ways in 2004 (a break-up was never formally announced) to focus on their solo careers; however, on June 28, 2007, they reformed and are now planning a new studio album

Nuevos Rumbos is the name of their new album. They had 3 number one singles: "Las noticias", "Una vez mas" and "Sin ti". Now they're planning to make their new video "Quiero entrar en tu vida". This song will be the last one from "Una Vez Mas" production.

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