Aborto Eletrico

Aborto Elétrico (in Portuguese, Electric Abortion) was a brazilian punk rock band originally composed of Renato Russo on bass, Andre Pretorius on guitar, and Fe Lemos on drums. They began playing in 1978. When Andre Pretorius left the band Renato Russo took over on guitar and Fe Lemos' brother, Flavio Lemos, joined playing bass. The band broke up in 1982 and the bands Legião Urbana and Capital Inicial were formed after the end of Aborto Elétrico.

The band Capital Inicial recorded, in the year of 2005, the album MTV especial Aborto Elétrico with 9 songs of Aborto Elétrico that weren't recorded yet and other 9 songs that were already recorded by Capital Inicial or Legião Urbana.

The song "Que País É Este?" (can be translated as What Kind Of Country Is This?), composed by Russo when he was member of Aborto Elétrico, is one of the most famous protest songs in Brazil. The song appears in the album Que País é Este 1978/1987 of the band Legião Urbana.

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