Alarmcaster was an American hardcore punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2008. After releasing a self titled demo CD, the band signed to Harvcore Records, an indie label based in West Chester, PA. A 7-inch was scheduled for release by mid 2010 that never came to fruition. Keats Rickard, one of the band's founding members, decided to quit the band in February 2010, leaving Alarmcaster as a four piece until May 2010, when singer Dave Chilleri and bassist Matt Kauffman quit. After a short hiatus, it was decided that the band should end.

Current Line-Up:
Dave Chilleri - vocals
Greg Frisenda - guitar
Matt Kauffman - bass
Jay Mallory - drums

Former Members:
Keats Rickard - guitar

Alarmcaster myspace page
Harvcore Records website

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