Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge is an American hard rock band from Orlando, but the band is currently based in Atlanta. Formed by Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips (the former members of Creed, minus Scott Stapp), with Myles Kennedy (lead vocals and guitar formerly of The Mayfield Four).

Alter Bridge released their debut album, One Day Remains, on August 10, 2004 along with their first single "Open Your Eyes", which was followed by "Find The Real" and "Broken Wings".

They released their second album, Blackbird on October 9th, 2007. Their first single of the album, "Rise Today", was released on July 30th, 2007. On January 2nd, 2008, "Watch Over You" was officially named the second single for Blackbird.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti is well known for his use of alternate guitar tunings such as DADADD

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