Big Star

Big Star is an American rock and roll band of the early 1970s. Critic Jason Ankeny describes Big Star as "the quintessential American power pop band [and] one of the most mythic and influential cult acts in all of rock & roll."

Initially co-led by Chris Bell and Alex Chilton in 1971, Big Star's music was lyrical, powerful, at times melancholic pop for the post-1960s generation. Their approach not only recalled the British Invasion groups, but also the spare, relaxed style of Stax Records as well as the edgy rockabilly of early Sun Records. In an era of singer-songwriters and heavy-metal groups, they played melodic, concisely written pop songs. Their reputation, negligible in 1974 beyond a small coterie of admirers, has steadily grown, and they are today considered one of pop's classic groups.

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