David & Carr

David & Carr is a duo consisting of trance musicians Peter "Petrograd" Carr and David "Wes" Johnson. Born and raised in Minnesota, Peter "Petrogad" Carr began listening to electronic music at the age of 16. Soon after, he decided to delve deeper into the world of trance, quickly becoming familiar with mainstream DJs. He attended his first event later that same year, and he was hooked. Before long, Carr was the proud owner of two new CDJ's and a beat-up mixer, playing non-stop until finally he made the plunge to vinyl. Equipped with turntables, Petrogad's skills took off, and soon he not only had hundreds of vinyls and two Technics, but primo speakers, a couple of CDJ-1000's and a DJM500. Beginning with house parties, Carr's skill quickly spread, both on his college campus and on the airwaves as a regular on internet radio stations such as ETN.fm, progressing from his campus to gigs around the town of Duluth. Petrogad teamed up with David "Wes" Johnson in the Fall of 2006 to start what would be known as David & Carr.

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