Deadbeat Darling

Deadbeat Darling is a Brooklyn, New York based rock band founded by former Canvas frontman Joseph King. Immediately upon the breakup of Canvas in October 2005, King moved to New York City where he continued to write new songs and play solo gigs around the city. By 2006 King had brought together a backing band. Billing themselves as "The Joseph King Trio", the band quickly built a strong fanbase in New York and the East Coast as well as periodically playing shows in King's native state of Texas. Their sound differs greatly from King's previous band Canvas as it blends several musical genres, most notably reggae and trip hop. After discussing several band names, the group settled on the name "Deadbeat Darling" which is a lyric from the song "Lover Says it's Late", one of the first songs King wrote upon his arrival in New York. Deadbeat Darling released their debut EP Belle Epoch on September 22, 2007.

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