Feels Like Friday
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Feels Like Friday is a Southern California based group fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist, TOM COURSER. Feels Like Friday's debut recording, We Like Supermodels, showcases 12 blistering and rockin’ alternative pop/rock songs, that incorporate high energy drums and guitars, with a melodic pop sensibility. The resulting mix of vocal harmony and songwriting craftiness, puts Feels Like Friday on familiar but fresh ground. Reminiscent of The Smiths, David Bowie, and The Cure.

Feels Like Friday, was conceived, high above the Pacific Ocean, Up On The Hill, in late summer/early autumn 2005. “We Like Supermodels”, was Produced by Guy Eckstine, and features Tom Courser on Vocals & Guitar, Guy on Acoustic Drums, Keyboards, and Backing Vocals, Randy Stern and Peter Levin on Hammond Organ, Dan Ehrlich and James Gerstenslager on Bass. Performing live the band is bolstered by the addition of lead guitarist, Evan Marks.

From the opening riff of, “Been Away For A While”, vaguely reminiscent of Pink Floyd and The Beatles, the listener is immediately caught in rapt attention, grooving along to the strong backbeat and three part vocal harmonies, willingly drawn in to something special. Followed by the pulsating uptempo groove of, “See Who I’ll Be Again”, which scores big with a strong mélange of bitter and sweet melodic and lyrical content, disguised as Power Pop at its’ finest. The songs are extremely well put together, with constant motion, tension and release. Unexpected twists and turns appear very nonchalantly, showing the grace and ease of Courser's songwriting, guitar and vocal abilities.

Highlighted by "Crazy World", “Up On The Hill”, “I Don’t Know Anything”, "You're Not The Only One", "Look Into My Eyes", “Sometimes I Feel Like”, and the driving groove of "The Rain", Courser rhapsodizes over love gone wrong and friendships betrayed. Centered around these themes of O'Neillian family discord, “We Like Supermodels”, closes with the unison riff, and power thrash of "The Forgotten Son", with it’s twistedly eerie and sinister vocal refrain of, “You Can Try To Break Me Down”. Considering Courser's looks, he pens many for the ladies whose hearts have been broken, and he remains unrepentant and enigmatic in his view of desultory romantic encounters.

All in all, Feels Like Friday, “We Like Supermodels”, is a stunning debut recording, delivering on all fronts. It is well written, and performed, not pretentious or overly produced. Nice production touches abound, with the addtion of vocal harmonies augmented by textural synths and guitar ambience. Courser lets the songs speak for themselves, and Feels Like Friday, “We Like Supermodels”, will be in heavy rotation in your i-Pod. Drake Palmer-James, MIAA TV - New Music Report, September 2007

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