On!Air!Library! was a Post Rock/ambient/Experimental rock band from New York City. Twin sisters Claudia Deheza and Alley Deheza met up with Phillip Wann to form the group in 1998. Through playing at local venues and parties, the trio eventually landed a deal with Arena Rock Recording Co. in 2002, and in 2003, a split record with The Album Leaf exposed the band to a wider audience, paving the way for their full-length, self-titled, debut album in 2004. In that same year they embarked on a nation-wide tour with Interpol and The Secret Machines. In 2005, On! Air! Library! disbanded. Alley Deheza and Claudia Deheza eventually both became involved in new project School of Seven Bells with former Secret Machines guitarist Benjamin Curtis. Phillip Wann also started a new band, Daylight's For The Birds, who released their first album in 2006.

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