• Band History

Project-43 is the brainchild of Charlie Wardick and Steve M. Mann who are both located in the US. In late 2005, these two combined forces after ‘meeting’ each other on Usenet in the alt.guitar newsgroup. Initially, it was just an effort to refresh their playing skills and learn a little about home recording, but they quickly realized it could be much more. From it's humble beginnings, Project-43 would go on to become one of the first bands to record, mix, produce and release a music CD completely over the Internet, with none of the members ever having met in person. All while being separated in three difference countries and five locations around the globe.

After Charlie and Steve established the groundwork, the two soon enlisted the vocal talents of Antti Heikkinen from Finland. Antti gave the project a truly special touch that made the music come together like never before. His vocal talents should have landed him a major recording career long ago, thus eliminating any chance he could be part of the team. But, for whatever reasons, the stars were aligned and he was available for the project. That was a very fortunate set of circumstances.

The band then added Scott Wallace who is located in Scotland, to play drums and replace the canned ‘loops’ or programmed drums that had been used to this point. This also brought a whole new dimension to the music and the overall sound of Project-43. Christopher Bell-Boudreaux is the latest talent to join Project-43 adding his unique NYC guitar stylings and talent to the mix.

To date, Project-43 has created over forty original Rock & Roll songs that have an amazing quality that would challenge even the best industry professionals to know that these people have never played in the same room together. Their debut CD, “Silence the Quiet”, released in 2007, contains a collection of tunes in the hard/heavy rock genre. Their follow-up CD, "Ticket To Infinity", scheduled for release in January 2008, also contains a bit of a mix, but is certainly more 'metal' and modern. The combination of these two CDs makes it easy to see why their slogan, "Project-43: The Future of Classic Rock", may be more truth than marketing.

  • Band Members
    • Steve M. Mann
      • Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, mixing, producing
    • Charlie Wardick
      • Guitars, bass, producing
    • Antti Heikkinen
      • Lead vocals, guitars, bass
    • Scott Wallace
      • Drums
    • Christopher Bell-Boudreaux
      • Lead guitars
  • Discography
    • Silence the Quiet (2007)
    • Ticket To Infinity (2008)
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