The Gloria Record

The Gloria Record, a rock band from Austin, Texas, was a project of former Mineral vocalist Chris Simpson and bassist Jeremy Gomez, along with Brian Hubbard (guitar), Brian Malone (drums), and Ben Houtman (keyboards).

Starting with a single, Grace, the Snow is Here (1998), the band progressed to an eponymous EP (also 1998), followed by A Lull In Traffic (2000, another EP) followed by their first full-length album, Start Here in 2002 (Arena Rock Recording Co.). The Gloria Record disbanded in the spring of 2004, with Gomez and Hubbard going on to perform with Austin's The Glass Family and Chris Simpson pursuing solo projects under the name Zookeeper.

Mineral was definitely firmly ensconced in the Emo genre, but The Gloria Record is a bit more of a crossover, with much more in the way of mainstream rock/pop influence; the mood, though, is definitely downbeat.

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