The Osmonds

The Osmonds are an American family pop group who achieved enormous worldwide success as teenage music idols in the 1970s.

The group originally comprised brothers Alan Ralph Osmond (born June 22, 1949), Melvin Wayne Osmond (born August 28, 1951), Merrill Davis Osmond (born April 30, 1953), Jay Wesley Osmond (born March 2, 1955) and Donald Clark "Donny" Osmond (born December 9, 1957). They were later joined by younger siblings (Olive) Marie Osmond (born October 13, 1959) and James Arthur "Jimmy" Osmond (born April 16, 1963).

Older brothers George Virl Osmond, Jr. (born October 19, 1945), and Thomas Rulon Osmond (born October 26, 1947) were born deaf and did not appear on any of the records. In later years, they occasionally performed and appeared on various TV shows with their siblings.

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