the Politiks

the Politiks

'''The Politiks''' are an Australian rock band from Sydney. The band is composed of Cliff Sandler (vocals), Jason Pickup (guitar), Otto Wicks-Green (guitar, backing vocals), Patrick Moran (drums, backing vocals), Kevin Rosenthal (keyboard) and Andrew Smith (bass).

The Politiks released their first self-titled EP in early 2007. Successful songs from the EP include "Walk On" and "Mrs. Dalloway".


Formation and the early years

The musicians who formed the Politiks met while attending several different schools including, Saint Ignatius College Riverview, Barker School and Killara High School. All members were in the same year except for the bass player, Andrew Smith.
The Biscuits were formed in early 2005 with a starting lineup consisting of:
- Cliff Sandler (Vocals)
- Jason Pickup (Lead Guitar)
- Patrick Moran (Drums)
- Andrew Smith (Bass)
- Kevin Rosenthal (Keyboard)
- Sam Whiteside (Rhythm guitar)
Originally called "the Biscuits", they performed their first gig at the Fitz Youth Centre in late 2005 where they were met with much acclaim.
Several more gigs followed at locations such as at Tara in Parramatta and Chatswood.

Early 2008

The lead guitarist Jason Pickup left Australia at the start of 2008 to travel overseas for a year, which left the band without a lead guitarist. At this time Otto Wicks-Green was brought in to fill the spot while Pickup was absent. Wicks-Green brought in a new dynamic to the group which inspired many new songs and took the band in a new direction. Some of these include the songs "Malibu" and "Solar Soul".
During the time that Pickup was overseas, the Politiks played gigs at venues such as the Gaelic Theatre, the Cat and Fiddle and the Excelsior Hotel. The band started to acquire a following, but unfortunately the drummer Patrick Moran was to go overseas in June of the same year, so the band decided to have a break while both Moran and Pickup were overseas.
During the time that the band were broken up, Sam Whiteside left the band to be replaced by Pickup when he returned from overseas.

Early 2009

Upon the arrival home of Pickup and Moran, the Politiks began again where they had left off. Due to the amount of time spent apart, they had acquired much inspiration and as a result, had written many songs in each others absence. The band went on a week long trip to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales and prepared and practised all their repertoire; new and old. The first half of 2009 saw the band's repertoire expand greatly as their sound changed and grew which allowed them to express themselves more fully.


''[[The Biscuits EP]]'' (2007)

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