Trojan Horse Band

The Trojan Horse Band is out to make a new name for acoustic rock. The band consists of four unique players, filled with youthful energy and inspiration. The band writes its own music and lyrics mainly for piano, guitar, violin, and cello.

Name: Andrew
Instrument: piano
Short Bio:

Name: Mary Beth
Instrument: violin
Short Bio:

Name: Paul
Instrument: guitar
Short Bio: I'm Paul. I play guitar and sing in the band. I've been a self-taught guitarist for over a year now, I play mostly rhythm guitar right now but am starting to learn a little more fingerstyle so hopefully that'll show up in my music soon. I enjoy listening to music, playing guitar, hanging with friends, writing songs, playing soccer, and wrestling/karate with my brothers. I love my band!

Name: Sydni
Instrument: cello & guitar
Short Bio: Hey people! I mostly play cello in the band but occasionally I’ll play guitar. I’ve been studying music for close to 10 years, now and I love pretty much any kind of music I can get my hands on. For fun I love traveling, reading, listening to music, watching awesome movies, and learning new things. I really love playing for the band.

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