Distorted Music Festival

The Distorted Music Festival is a yearly electronic music festival held in Melbourne, Australia.

It is the first festival of its kind in Australia, showcasing electronic artists who are not generally considered to be mainstream. It covers the musical genres of industrial, noise, power noise, breakcore, IDM and glitch.

The philosophy of the festival is to bring to Australia international acts who would otherwise never play in the country. The festival also showcases local Australian artists, giving them the chance to play alongside the big names in the scene.


The 2005 lineup consisted of Architect, Black Lung, Cambion, Converter, the Crystalline Effect, Defused Fusion, Delta of Venus, Enduser, EPA, Jetlag, Killjoy, Maladroit, Mechanised Convulsions, Mono No Aware, the Mutagen Server, Noistruct, n0nplus, Null Hypothesis, Scorn, Vespine, and Xian.

However, the 2006 show was cancelled due to bad weather, and the 2007 show was reportedly shut down by police authorities.

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