How To Promote Your Band!

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This internet is a great resource for any up and coming band. It provides a huge playing field in which to find fans that do not live in the same city, state or even country.

Social Networking


Myspace will allow any band to create a profile, get friends, upload songs and photos as well as post blogs and photos. And the best thing is it is free.

There are song things that you have to keep in mind though.

Make sure that the design of your profile is good, there is nothing more annoying than having a bad looking profile, it will turn people off your music and damage your image. Make sure that you get a professional deigner or learn how to design yourselves as most people judge a book by its cover, which in myspace terms is your profile.


Videos And Music


Youtube is yet another way for you to advertise your band. By posting videos (updates, songs sideshows etc) you can steadily grow a big fan base. From what i have found people are more often inclined to look at a bands video rather than their audio. A good video can make or break your band so make sure it is good.

However be careful, do not spam youtube with comments in an attempt to get people to watch your videos as you will be removed from the service all together.




Other Media






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