Website Ideas

This page is to put any ideas for the website. It can be anything, just add your username next to the idea so we can track it. Thankyou.

9beckerc - Make affiliations with foreign sites, as in sites not within the bandOpedia reaches, to draw ina greater crowd of unseen page visitors. I already have aligned affiliations with bandOpedia to Pyro Bands Entertainment and HeadBand and only intend to help more. If agreed upon, an affiliation header of 6 which would be

++++++ Affiliates

with the above links and affiliates above properly bestowed into the ideal placing in the side bar such as at the bottom, which would be the following code put into the bottom of the coding:
++++++ Affiliates
[ Pyro Bands Entertainment]
[ HeadBang]
[ bandOpedia]

To come out looking like:


Pyro Bands Entertainment


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