Ken Stringfellow

Ken Stringfellow (born October 30, 1968 in Hollywood, California) is an American musician, best known for his work with The Posies, R.E.M., and the re-formed Big Star (also alongside fellow Posie Jon Auer). His association with R.E.M. extends to the mid-90s Seattle scene, where he first met guitarist Peter Buck, with whom he also plays in Scott McCaughey's The Minus 5. Ken also spent time recording and touring with Lagwagon in the late-1990's, during which he helped craft 1997's Double Plaidinum, adding a unique flare to the band's high-paced melodic brand of punk rock. Stringfellow is recognizable for his flamboyant hair color - often a dark red, though currently dark brown/black. He has also formed a new band with three Norwegian musicians from the band Briskeby, called The Disciplines

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