Mike Elizondo

Michael "Mike" Elizondo is a well-known bassist, keyboardist, and hip hop music producer. He is especially known for his collaborations with internationally successful producer Dr. Dre and rapper Eminem. He has played the bass for many of Dr. Dre's productions and has co-written some of Eminem's songs, including the hit single "The Real Slim Shady"; he co-produced several songs on Encore with Dr. Dre, and co-produced 50 Cent's hit single "In da Club" with Dr. Dre as well. Aside from hip hop, Elizondo has worked with singer-songwriter Fiona Apple, producing her most recent album Extraordinary Machine. He has also recently been involved in album tracks for artists such as Nelly Furtado & P!nk. He writes songs and plays the bass, guitar, and keyboards himself. With three other high-profile musicians, Elizondo is part of the experimental rock group Strip Search.

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